I've always learnt a lot from other people's blogs, articles and tweets. Now I'd like to hopefully do something back, that's why I finally started writing some of my thoughts down.

I've never really written for an audience before, so please bear with me while I try to get better at writing. I'd love to hear what you think about my articles.

Most recent articles

  1. Write descriptive headings, not just descriptive links

    Recently I was working on a project which had a big hero-component on almost every page. Initially I marked it up as an h1, until I found out that 99% of the time it was use to display a quote or some fancy marketing slogan. That made me reconsider the use of the H1-element.

  2. Why I started podcasting

    For years I've been a big fan of Kevin Smith and his network of podcasts. Earlier this year I started a podcast of my own with my best friend, Niek Lucassen. So far we've recorded eight episodes of Loosch! and had a great time doing it. I'd like to talk about why we do it.

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